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The purpose of the Glenmary Homeowner's Association is to enhance the value of property ownership and to preserve the quality of life in the community. Seven Officer/Directors who govern the Association are elected at the October Annual Membership Meeting.
All Officer/Directors are volunteers who reside within Glenmary. They make decisions based on majority interests and input from the residents. If you would like to make constructive suggestions, or, have a concern, please feel free to do so. Just go to the "Contact Us" page from the menu and we will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.
The association oversees the maintenance, repair and upkeep of the entrances, traffic islands an common areas. Other services include street lighting, snow removal and some seasonal decorations.
The Association also collects the annual assessments, enforces the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions set forth in the applicable sections of these governing documents.
Glenmary HOA Update
Posted on Jan 3rd, 2019
Glenmary Residents,
Happy New Year to all! 
Our Glenmary community has had the unending support of one of our most dedicated and passionate members since the beginning of our development. Bob Beard has initiated and supported many efforts to keep maintain Glenmary as a great place to live. Bob has recently submitted a letter of resignation from the HOA Board recently and a motion was approved to accept his resignation. 
The procedure for replacing a board member resignation is detailed in our Glenmary Bylaws and a replacement has been nominated and approved to serve the balance of Bob Beard's term. Our newest board member, Joe Schweinhart is a very well qualified replacement and we are looking forward to working with Joe in 2019. Please welcome him to this position and continue to support your HOA board in 2019. 
For 2019, I would like to ask that all Glenmary residents go to the section on Governing Documents on he website and read them as a refresher. Also, we ask for your continued support in alerting the HOA Board on any potential Deed Restriction violations.
Remember also that any type of building or modification to your residence requires the submission and approval of an Architectural Request prior to starting any project.
One last thought, if you haven't already done so, please mail your 2019 annual HOA dues $300 in to be received in January. Courtesy invoices were sent to all residents several weeks ago.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
Public Meeting on Proposed Dobson Lane Development
Posted on Oct 18th, 2018
Glenmary Residents,
Please be aware that there is a public meeting on a proposed single family residential subdivision at 8000 Dobson Lane. This proposed plan will affect our Glenmary community as it is planned to connect to Blacksmith Lane. Your input and questions will be heard at this hearing. There are a number of concerns about how this will affect Glenmary and all of us should be well informed. 
The meeting will be held on Thursday October 25th, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the Fern Creek Baptist Church, 5920 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40291.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
2018 HOA Election Results
Posted on Oct 8th, 2018
Glenmary Residents, 
The Election Chairperson has completed and forwarded the results of 2018 HOA election for the four positions that were up for vote by the Glenmary community:
Bob Thompson     221
Mike Brackett       218
Sharon Dreher     211
Evalynn Mills        210
The positions are for a two year term as detailed in our Glenmary Bylaws. 
Thanks to all residents for supporting your community
The following list details all other votes cast by homeowners:
Donnie Blake 39, Kenneth Petty 28, Connie Willard 31, Terry Bowman 35, Patti Mitchell 7, Shawn Abma 1, Rita Schyler 1, Scott Kennedy 1, Beverly Crittenden 1, Vicki Klein 1, Terri French 1, David Gnadinger 1, Tim Distler 1, Bob Rankin 1, Mark Wimam 1, Phillip Reverman 1. 
2018 HOA Election Proxy Error Correction
Posted on Sep 20th, 2018
Glenmary Residents,
Re: 2018 HOA Election Proxy Error and Correction Notice
Regrettably, there has been a mistake made on the return PO Box address on the 2018 HOA Election proxies. This mistake is the result of a miscommunication with the UPS store personnel in the identification of the PO Box assigned for use for the upcoming election. 
In order to correct this mistake, a new corrected proxy will be mailed to you to replace the original one immediately. Please do not mail the original proxy as it will be returned to you by the US Mail Service. If you have already the original proxy, it will be returned to you.
When you receive the replacement/corrected proxy, please complete and return via US mail to the PO listed as soon as possible. If you are planning to attend the Annual HOA meeting on 10/2, you may choose to hand deliver the proxy to the Election Chairperson. If you aren't certain that you will be able to attend the annual meeting, please go ahead and return by US mail.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
2018 Annual Meeting and Elections
Posted on Aug 27th, 2018
Glenmary Residents,
The upcoming October 2nd Glenmary HOA Annual Meeting is scheduled to include the standard business agenda as outlined in our Bylaws. Part of the meeting process will include the completion of the election of HOA board members. The election process calls for annual election of board positions that are up for vote for this year. There are seven board positions and the bylaws require alternating annual election for three positions one year and then four positions on the alternate year. This 2018 process requires four positions being open for voting. 
The same process will be followed this year as previous years wherein voting proxies will be mailed to all lot owners in good standing in adequate time for your selections to be made and returned by mail to a PO Box controlled by the election chairman. 
Any lot owner in good standing can nominate themselves for one of these open positions and will need to submit their nomination and bio via US mail to: 
Glenmary HOA, PO Box 91151, Louisville, Ky 40291 postmarked no later than 9/11/18.
The reason for this deadline is to allow time for nominations to be included on the proxy form and for the bios to be mailed out with the proxy. If you are interested and have the time and skills needed to act as a board member, please nominate yourself. If you do not make the 9/11/18 mailing deadline for nominating yourself as a candidate, you can still submit your nomination with your bio and it will be posted on the HOA website as well as included for write in on the proxy up to the Annual Meeting on 10/2/18.
The completed proxy will have instructions for return listed and must be postmarked no later than 9/25/18. This schedule will allow the election chairperson time to authenticate and record all votes and to finalize the voting record for the annual meeting. 
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
Supreme Court of Kentucky Order
Posted on Apr 24th, 2018
Glenmary Residents,
An order was entered by the Supreme Court of Kentucky on April 18, 2018 on case #2018-SC-000009-D regarding the contract to purchase the Glenmary golf property which is an "Order Denying Discretionary Review". The Movant Par Golf, LLC, ET AL. v Respondent Glenmary Homeowners Associations, INC. This decision was that last legal option by Par Golf through the court system to reverse the prior decisions by Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Mitch Perry and the Kentucky Court of Appeals which supported the Glenmary HOA's action to reject the contract to purchase the golf course property for $2,150,000. 
As you are probably aware, a decision is still pending in the Kentucky Court of Appeals regarding the action by Par Golf to seek a reversal of the Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Barry Willett's decision on the three building lots on the golf property where Metro Planning and Zoning was ordered to reverse the zoning changes that were approved for these lots. We will communicate any status update on this appeal as it occurs. 
Thanks to all Glenmary residents for your patience and support regarding these matters.
Bob Thompson
Glenmary HOA President
Appeal Filed by Par Golf
Posted on Apr 7th, 2018
Your HOA Board received notice that Par Golf has filed an appeal on 3/30/18 regarding the Judge Barry Willett decision on the case of the zoning change on the three building lots. Judge Willett had ruled in favor of the Glenmary HOA and rejected the actions by Par Golf and Metro Planning and Zoning. 
The Glenmary legal counsel has advised that there are no new facts presented in this appeal and that there is no way of knowing how long it will take for a ruling to be made on this appeal. 
We will keep residents posted as this appeal is ruled on. Additionally, your HOA board only posts information regarding any Legal matters after we have received official communication from our attorney.
Thank you, 
Bob Thompson
Updated Judge Willett 3-1-18 Order rev.1
Posted on Mar 8th, 2018
Glenmary Residents
This message has a key correction to the message sent out earlier today. Please note that in the 3/1/18 Judge Willett Order, the Defendants will have the option to appeal this ruling if they elect to do so. The earlier message had incorrectly stated the the Plantiff would have the right to appeal.
On 3/1/18 Jefferson County Circuit Court Division One Judge Barry Willet has rendered a 34 page order in favor of the Glenmary Homeowners Association (Plantiffs) vs Par Golf LLC and Louisville Metro Planning Commission and Bryan, LLC (Defendants) in Case #'s 14CI-0844 and 14CI-2143. These cases centered around the issue wherein the actions to create 3 building lots by Par Golf and Bryan, LLC, which were subject to specification restrictions. 
The order reads as follows:
1. The Planning Commission's decisions to approve application 19173, 19174, and 19219 at its March 20, 2014 meeting are Reversed and Set Aside.
2. Within sixty (60) days of this Order, the Planning Commission shall take all necessary and required actions to insure that the amended plats resulting from their vote on applications 19173, 19174 and 19219 are voided and held for naught.
3. Applications 19173, 19174 and 19219 are hereby Remanded to Planning Commission for any further proceedings consistent with this Opinion and LDC 7.1.90 and 7.1.91.
This order is very significant to the future of Glenmary and should be considered as pivotal in terms of any future development of the golf property. What this decision does is establishes that the golf property can not be used for any purpose other than recreation and that no building will be allowed on this property. This order can be appealed by the Defendants. 
The other lawsuit case was regarding the contract to purchase the golf property by the Glenmary HOA for $2.15MM. Judge Perry ruled that the HOA board was justified in canceling this contract. The Kentucky Court of Appeals upheld this decision. There is a pending motion to the Kentucky State Supreme Court on this case requesting a discretionary review. 
At this point, the residents of Glenmary should consider the future of the of golf property as clarified in that the requirement to purchase the property for $2.15MM is nullified and that no building will occur unless we vote to change this position with a 75% vote of approval by each section of our community for any alternative plan. Our governing documents and land rights have prevailed to this challenge. 
Your HOA board is very appreciative of the efforts by many of our residents supporting the Don Cox legal team (Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Goodman P.S.C.) in reaching these rulings. 
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
Glenmary HOA President
Golf Property Purchase Agreement Legal Action Update
Posted on Feb 28th, 2018
Regarding the lawsuit over the rejection of the purchase contract by the Glenmary HOA:
2/28/18 Current open legal actions: 
* Recent action by Par Golf's attorney is a request to the Kentucky State Supreme Court for a   
"discretionary review" of the case. This request is pending with no response or update at this point. Please note that this is not a new lawsuit case.
* The Glenmary legal counsel followed with a response to the court summarizing the history of this case
with all supporting documents and a recommendation to dismiss the request based on the fact that no
changes or new information has been presented in Par Golf's request and that the request should be
Earlier 2017 completed legal actions: 
* Judge Mitch Perry ruled that the Glenmary HOA Board was justified in rejecting the purchase contract.
* The Kentucky State Court of Appeals rejected the appeal from Par Golf requesting a reversal of Judge
Perry's decision.
* Par Golf submitted a motion with the Kentucky State Supreme Court in late 2017 which incorrectly
named he plaintiff's. Glenmary's legal counsel submitted a Motion to Dismiss based on the incorrect
filing. This motion was supported by the court.
This case has been ruled on twice by the courts in favor of our HOA's position and this action by Par Golf is their last option with the judicial process. Your HOA Board will communicate any update.
Thank you,
Bob Thompson

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