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Golf Property Status
Posted on Aug 18th, 2017

Glenmary Golf Property Update
Recently, many residents are asking for a status update on the lawsuits regarding the golf property in Glenmary and there have been no recent changes. The following points attempt to summarize the current status:
1. Judge Mitch Perry has ruled that the Glenmary HOA was justified in the rejection of the contract to purchase the golf property. Par Golf followed with a request for a jury trial, which was also rejected by Judge Perry. An appeal challenging the court decision was filed and was rejected for being improperly filed. The window of opportunity to correct and re-file the appeal has expired.
2. Judge Barry Willett heard the final oral arguments on 6/5 in the lawsuit defending the injunction which prevents Par Golf from developing the three lots that Planning and Zoning had allowed approval of.  To date there has been no decision on this case.
The ruling on this case is key to upholding the property rights of all Glenmary residents and these rights are built into the covenants that this community was established under. The golf property is covered and included in Section 1 and Master Deed Restrictions and includes a “Recreational” zoning or conditional use zoning. This restriction can only be revised by a 75% vote of approval of all lot owners in each section of the development.
We still await Judge Willett’s ruling.
3. There has been no communication of any change of ownership of the golf property and no contact from Par Golf.
4. Any change or proposal from Par Golf in the status of the golf property will be reviewed, communicated to the Glenmary community and if required would be put to a vote by residents.
5. Homes are selling and property values are continuing to increase in Glenmary as supported by the most recent round of PVA updates.
The current HOA board and all Glenmary residents are obligated to live in this community abiding the governing documents and covenants that it was established under. Hopefully we can soon put closure to this golf course issue and return back to normal.
Thanks to all of you for continued support and understanding with this issue.
Bob Thompson
Glenmary HOA President