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The purpose of the Glenmary Homeowner's Association is to enhance the value of property ownership and to preserve the quality of life in the community. Seven Officer/Directors who govern the Association are elected at the October Annual Membership Meeting.
All Officer/Directors are volunteers who reside within Glenmary. They make decisions based on majority interests and input from the residents. If you would like to make constructive suggestions, or, have a concern, please feel free to do so. Just go to the "Contact Us" page from the menu and we will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.
The association oversees the maintenance, repair and upkeep of the entrances, traffic islands an common areas. Other services include street lighting, snow removal and some seasonal decorations.
The Association also collects the annual assessments, enforces the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions set forth in the applicable sections of these governing documents.
For Streetlight repairs or to have light changed contact LG & E at or call 502-589-1444
For Mailbox repairs contact the Duggins Company at 502-966-5774
For Mailbox number repair or replacement contact Birch Signs at 502-244-7180
HOA Finalizes Purchase of Golf Property Tract G
Posted on May 25th, 2023
Glenmary Residents,
As of Wednesday 5/24/23, the Glenmary Golf Property Tract G which was golf holes 15, 16 and 17 is now owned by the Glenmary HOA and the property title was recorded in the Jefferson County Commissioner’s record. This 16.4-acre tract was previously owned by Par Golf and was ordered to be auctioned off by the Jefferson County Commissioner due to delinquent property tax liens.
The HOA was notified of the planned auction and that the tract was the 11-acre Tract G that is on the east side of Black Iron Road, which is all hillside, treed and rocky terrain and borders the back of several homes. This was very puzzling and didn’t seem to be legitimate due to the terrain involved. After some careful study, members of the HOA discovered that the Tract G name was also used on the survey plat maps for the 16-acre tract, holes 15,16 and 17. This fact was not known to the general public. Due to the potential commercial value of this property and the fact that this was the first tract to be offered by auction, the HOA board discussed what would be the best approach to take for the community. Due to the commercial value, the main concern was that commercial developers would challenge the land rights and restrictions and another round of legal expenses would be inevitable if a developer won the auction.
Under the Glenmary Articles of Incorporation Section IV-6, the HOA Board of Directors has the responsibility: “To acquire, take title to, own, hold in its own name, sell, transfer and convey any property which the corporation’s Board of Directors shall deem necessary or advisable to promote the purposes of the corporation”. The Board discussed the pros and cons of taking this action and conducted a vote on 3/29/23 in favor of participating in the auction. This vote was recorded in the record. The decision was communicated to the HOA Legal Counsel and agreement was reached to send an anonymous agent to represent the HOA at the Commissioner’s auction. The result was a purchase price of $190,000 by the HOA.
Due to the timing and the sensitivity of this issue and the long-term impact that it would have on the future of the rest of the golf property, the HOA Board has obtained this tract at a price lower than the appraised value and has ended the threat of development for this tract. The plan is to leave this land as “Recreational” and to keep it insured and maintained with no changes. The board will attempt to answer all questions from residents at the next public meeting and on the HOA website regarding this action.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
Glenmary HOA President
Glenmary HOA Board Meeting
Posted on May 19th, 2023
The second Glenmary HOA Board Meeting will be held Monday 6/12/2023 from 6:30 - 7:30 pm at the Fern Creek Community Center. All lot owners are invited to attend. Please submit any questions in advance of the meeting so that your questions can be addressed. 
The meeting will be recorded and posted for anyone who is unable to attend.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
Golf Property Update - Motion for Summary Judgement
Posted on Dec 12th, 2022
The HOA attorney has received a court action on 12/6/22 filed by Mr. Thieneman and his attorneys asking the court for a summary judgement in the case filed last year regarding the actions taken in 2021 addressing the homeless encampment and the creation of a building lot which was sold to Mr. Neil Robertson. This motion basically is requesting the circuit court to allow his plans to develop several sections of the golf property since he has withdrawn actions that were the issues named in the HOA suit. This action intends to disregard all of the legitimacy of our HOA and the property rights contained in the governing documents of this community. Until this action, Mr. Thieneman had publicly recognized the key fact that the golf property could not be subdivided without a change in the Deed Restrictions which requires a super majority 75% vote of approval by all sections of the community. With this action he is completely ignoring this key restriction and asking the court to bypass our land rights.
This motion is posted on the HOA website ( for all residents to review. Please take the time to review this motion and recognize that Mr. Thieneman is only interested in developing the golf property. Allowing this move would have a negative major impact on the value and aesthetics of our community. This filing contains a number of points that are factually incorrect and many other comments which are unrelated. The HOA has no option other than to have our legal counsel respond to this challenge. We will keep the community informed as this case progresses.
The view below shows the areas that Mr. Thieneman is trying to develop.
2022 HOA Board Election Results
Posted on Oct 19th, 2022
Glenmary Residents,
The final results from the proxies mailed in for the 2022 four open HOA Board positions has been tallied. The results for the top six candidates are: 
Greg Miller 156
Joe Shutts 152
Robert Thompson 150
Sharon Dreher 147
Patti Mitchell 4
Tiffany Self 3 
The attached link is a summary of all proxies by number for any resident wishing to check the entry of their proxy in this summary. 
Thank You,
Bob Thompson

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