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The purpose of the Glenmary Homeowner's Association is to enhance the value of property ownership and to preserve the quality of life in the community. Seven Officer/Directors who govern the Association are elected at the October Annual Membership Meeting.
All Officer/Directors are volunteers who reside within Glenmary. They make decisions based on majority interests and input from the residents. If you would like to make constructive suggestions, or, have a concern, please feel free to do so. Just go to the "Contact Us" page from the menu and we will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.
The association oversees the maintenance, repair and upkeep of the entrances, traffic islands an common areas. Other services include street lighting, snow removal and some seasonal decorations.
The Association also collects the annual assessments, enforces the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions set forth in the applicable sections of these governing documents.
For Streetlight repairs or to have light changed contact LG & E at or call 502-589-1444
For Mailbox repairs contact the Duggins Company at 502-966-5774
For Mailbox number repair or replacement contact Birch Signs at 502-244-7180
6-13-22 Public Meeting on Golf Property Conditional Use Permit
Posted on Jun 14th, 2022
Glenmary Residents, 
The attachment below is a summary of minutes taken by one of our residents from the public meeting which was held at 6:00 pm at the Beulah Presbyterian Gym reviewing the plans which are being presented to the Jefferson County Planning and Design Commission on plans by Chris Thieneman for the Glenmary clubhouse property. 
Please review and stay alert to the upcoming future meetings on this plan.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
Notice of Neighborhood Meeting
Posted on Jun 12th, 2022
Glenmary Residents,
All residents are invited to a public neighborhood meeting which is scheduled for Monday 6/13/22 at 6:00 pm at the Beulah Presbyterian Church at 6704 Bardstown Rd.. This meeting is being called by the Jefferson County Planning Commission. Please plan to attend if you are able, to get more details and ask questions on this proposals.
Please review the attachment for more details.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
Dobson Lane Update
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2022
Dobson Lane hearing. Don Cox said we had an hour and a half hearing yesterday and are awaiting a decision which could take several weeks and any decision rests in the power of the court.
January 4, 2022 Regular Board Meeting
Posted on Dec 19th, 2021
The Glenmary HOA will hold the first Board meeting for 2022 on Zoom at 7:00pm. Please use meeting ID# 81581745457 and Passcode #367061 to access this session. The agenda for this meeting will follow the standard format with updates on all old and new community business. The main agenda item is the review and approval of the 2022 budget. Additionally, the plan is to review the last details of a proposal regarding the employment of a management company for some limited responsibilities to support our community. A final agenda will be posted 72 hours prior this meeting. 
Please plan to submit any questions that you would like the board address at least 72 hours prior to this meeting. 
Thank you,
Bob Thompson
Courier Journal news article on Glenmary Golf Property
Posted on Oct 28th, 2021
Glenmary Residents,
I wanted to alert you that has been an in-depth investigation done by the Andy Wolfson of the Courier Journal and the attached link is being published within the next couple of days. Please review this and please be aware that the facts in this article are accurate. 
On Monday 11/1 the court action against Par Golf, Chris Thieneman and Neal Robertson is being reviewed in Jefferson County Circuit Court. An update on the outcome of this hearing will be communicated as soon as information is available.
We need to pull together as a community to drive this golf property to a debacle without being bullied, extorted or lied to. 
Thank you for your support.
Bob Thompson
Glenmary HOA President
10-21-21 Legal Action on Golf Property
Posted on Oct 23rd, 2021
Glenmary Residents,
The attached link contains the details of legal action taken by the HOA against Par Golf, Chris Thieneman and Neal Robertson on recent steps that they have taken regarding the Glenmary Golf Property. This action has now been filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court and is pending a court date hearing. These actions are specifically addressing the planned Homeless Shelter Clamp which has been publically announced for the last weekend in October. Additionally this action addresses the contempt of court and attempted extrortion of Glenmary residents for $1.6MM on the remaining 100 acres of the golf property. Please review this document and watch for updates as this process unfolds.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
2021 HOA Election Summary Details
Posted on Oct 21st, 2021
Glenmary Residents, 
The summary details of the 2021 HOA Board Position election by proxy are included in the attachment with this article. All returned proxies are logged into this file with the votes for each. Please review.
Thanks You,
Bob Thompson
2021 HOA Election Results
Posted on Oct 20th, 2021
2021 HOA Election Count Summary
Glenmary Residents,
The proxy count for the 2021 Glenmary HOA election is now closed and the results are as follows:
Candidate               Vote Count
Joe Schweinhart         270
Brad Dudley               254
Ron Huff                    240
Miranda Brightup        182
Kristy Stoess              178
Shaun Adams             170
Dennis Orel                    1
Patti Mitchell                  1
The follow up organizational meeting will be scheduled as required by the Bylaws to arrange the HOA Board positions for the next year.
The supporting summary spreadsheet of the proxy candidate counts by proxy number for anyone wishing to verify that their proxy was properly recorded will be posted on the HOA website under “Correspondence from the Board of Directors”.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
Kentucky State Supreme Court Ruling
Posted on Jun 11th, 2021
Glenmary Residents,
Today the Kentucky State Supreme Court ruled to deny the appeal filed on 6/30/2020 by Par Golf and Jefferson County Planning Zoning. This appeal challenged the Jefferson County Circuit Court’s Judge Barry Willett’s ruling on the 3 building lots on Glenmary golf property. This is a landmark decision for the state of Kentucky which upholds property rights and deed restrictions. The court decision is final.
The impact of this decision on the Glenmary golf property future is that it upholds the Circuit Court ruling. This ruling confirmed that the Glenmary Section 1 Master Deed Restrictions apply to the golf property. The property restriction of “recreational use only” stands and the land can’t be subdivided or developed. Any modifications of the golf property will require HOA approval. Any plans or modifications outside the Deed Restriction could only be considered by modification of the Deed Restrictions which require a 75% vote of approval by all sections of Glenmary lot owners.
A WDRB news report today showed Chris Theineman stating that the HOA is not communicating with him on his plans to reopen the 45 acre tract of the golf property. The HOA has met with Mr. Theineman and heard his proposal which was a pictorial overview with details to follow. We have responded to all of his communications and are currently waiting for his Architectural Request to review.
Bob Thompson
Glenmary HOA President

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