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The purpose of the Glenmary Homeowner's Association is to enhance the value of property ownership and to preserve the quality of life in the community. Seven Officer/Directors who govern the Association are elected at the October Annual Membership Meeting.
All Officer/Directors are volunteers who reside within Glenmary. They make decisions based on majority interests and input from the residents. If you would like to make constructive suggestions, or, have a concern, please feel free to do so. Just go to the "Contact Us" page from the menu and we will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.
The association oversees the maintenance, repair and upkeep of the entrances, traffic islands an common areas. Other services include street lighting, snow removal and some seasonal decorations.
The Association also collects the annual assessments, enforces the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions set forth in the applicable sections of these governing documents.
Dobson Lane Development Public Hearing
Posted on Apr 27th, 2021
Please be advised that a public hearing is planned to develop 61 acres of the Long property which adjoins the east side of Glenmary by Kendrick Crossing. This plan is different from what was being communicated two years ago and this time the developer is Ball Homes and the plan calls for 103 new homesites. Although the details are not complete there will no doubt be the intent to connect to Glenmary streets. At the last review the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Board approved the connection to Blacksmith Road and approved the use of Dobson Lane for emergency use only. This plan would route all construction traffic and have Glenmary streets serve as the only access. Additionally this plan would add to the congestion that occurs at Glenmary entrances for those entering or exiting Glenmary.
A much better plan for the Fern Creek community would be to route this traffic via an improved Dobson Lane. Please review the attached link which contains the plans and make your concerns for this plan known.  
You can contact City Councilman Robin Engel's office to express your concern with the plan. Additionally, your HOA is taking legal actions challenge this plan.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
Yard Sale
Posted on Apr 24th, 2021
Annual Glenmary neighborhood yard sale is set for Saturday June 12 2021 from 8-2 rain or shine! 
Miranda Brightup will be coordinating this year so you can email her at with questions. 
On the day of the event, set up your own items in your garage and driveway. 
We will have police officers directing traffic and signs throughout the neighborhood. 
Invite your friends and family, as we look forward to having everyone join us for this wonderful community event :)
Yard Sale Coordinator
Posted on Apr 21st, 2021
We have a Yard Sale Coordinator.   We will be announcing more details later.  
Thank you.
Regular Glenmary Board Meeting
Posted on Jan 26th, 2021
Regular Glenmary HOA Board Meeting,
All residents in good standing are invited to participate in a Regular Glenmary Board Meeting which will be conducted on Zoom on 2/8/21 at 6:30 - 8:00 pm. Please notify the HOA via this website if you would like to attend by submitting your email address and home address no later than noon 2/8/21. 
This meeting will primarily focus on the board review and approval of the 2021 budget.  
Thank You
Correction on Annual Courtesy Invoice
Posted on Jan 20th, 2021
You will notice that there were a couple of mistakes on the Courtesy Invoice that you received last week for the 2021 Annual Dues. The printer has accepted responsibility for these but it is important that they are pointed out and clarified. The mistakes are as follows:
1. The invoice date is incorrect and should have stated 12/29/20.
2. The letter shows the invoice is for 2020 where it is actually for 2021.
Please disregard these mistakes and use the invoice that you received as the 2021 Courtesy Invoice. 
If you have already mailed your payment, thank you. If you have not please do so asap.  
Thank You,
Bob Thompson
Message to Residents on Chris Thieneman Proposal
Posted on Nov 19th, 2020
Glenmary Residents,
A number of residents are asking about a Zoom meeting proposed by Chris Thieneman regarding his plans to do some development in Glenmary. Mr. Thieneman says that he is a developer and has a contract to develop the golf property.
The HOA received a very strangely timed message, the week after the annual election, advising that he had this contract secured and he wanted to work with the HOA on his plans. The message was forwarded to our HOA attorney who responded that he had no knowledge of this contract. No direct communication with Mr. Thieneman has occurred since there is a court injunction in place which prohibits development of the Glenmary golf property. Additionally, there exists decisions from the Jefferson County Circuit Court and the Kentucky Court of Appeals supporting the HOA’s position that the golf property is governed under the Glenmary Section 1 Master Deed Restrictions which does not allow  development on this property. An appeal to these decisions has been filed earlier this year by Par Golf and Metro Planning and Zoning to the Kentucky State Supreme Court. To date, no decision to accept this appeal or to rule on it has been rendered.
At this point, any discussions with Mr. Thieneman regarding his plans would be inappropriate and based purely on speculation. The HOA will request to see a copy of his claimed contract but plans no action pending the ruling from the court.
Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding on this matter.
Bob Thompson
2020 Glenmary HOA Election Results
Posted on Oct 16th, 2020
We have received the results of the 2020 HOA election and the results are as follows:
1. Joe Shutts - 280
2. Bob Thompson - 279
3. Sharon Dreher - 260
4. Evalynn Mills - 260
5. Shaun Adams - 220
6. Adreanna Spears - 218
7. Tiffany Self - 211
8. Kim Dodson - 202
9. Terri French - 1
10. Roger O'Bryan - 1
11. Judy Tong - 1
There were 11 disqualified votes.  
Thanks for all residents for your support in this annual process.
Bob Thompson
Golf Property Update
Posted on Jul 1st, 2020
Glenmary Residents,
The Kentucky Court of Appeals has denied the Request for Rehearing by Par Golf and Jefferson County Planning and Zoning last week (6/25). It is now possible that a filing to the Kentucky State Supreme Court could be made. Normally there is a 30 day window to take this action. If accepted by the court for consideration, it could take some time for the court to accept, reject or rule on. 
This has been a very slow process but our community's land rights have now been upheld by three court decisions. We will keep you posted with any updates.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson 
Golf Property Update
Posted on Jun 22nd, 2020
Glenmary Residents,
A decision was rendered by the Kentucky Court of Appeals on Case#: 2018-CA-00547.pdf on Friday 4/3/20 wherein the Appellant "Par Golf LLC" vs Appellee "Glenmary Homeowner's Association, INC., ET AL"  the decision of Circuit Court Judge Willett from 3/1/18 was affirmed. A copy of this decision will be posted on the HOA Website for all to review. This decision is pivotal to the future of the Glenmary community and any future use of the golf course property. The Judge Willett decision orders reversal of the approval of the three building lots on the golf property. This ruling essentially upholds the Glenmary governing documents and land rights which prevents any future development of the golf property and should be considered a major win for all lot owners in Glenmary. 
After a mandatory 30 delay in all Kentucky Courts related to the Covid pandemic, a Request for Rehearing has been filed by Par Golf and Jefferson County Metro Planning and Zoning to the Kentucky Court of Appeals. 
Thank You, 
Bob Thompson
Glenmary HOA President
Glenmary Status Update for Residents
Posted on May 20th, 2020
Glenmary Residents, 
Just to update you on a couple of points regarding our community:
1. Your HOA board has voted to postpone the annual subdivision yard sale until later and to reconsider in September due to the Covid pandemic.
2.Regarding the golf property, there has been no action taken in the court by either Par Golf or Metro Planning and Zoning and the 30 day court system delay would extend the deadline for an appeal to the Kentucky Court of Appeals decision which upheld the Judge Willett decision from 3/1/18. Unless a new update is issue by the Kentucky Court, the new deadline for an appeal would be 6/5/20.
There has been no communication with any of the parties involved in this issue recently.
Please be safe and be a good neighbor.
Thank You,
Bob Thompson

   Upcoming Events   
Annual Yard Sale
Saturday, June 12th, 8 am til 2 pm at Glenmary
Annual Yard Sale